About Us

Springside Farms

Springside Farms is located in Central Alberta and specializes in the production of Charolais breeding stock. With over 34 years in the Charolais business, we know the importance of producing cattle that are structurally sound to face the fierce Canadian climate, excel in the feedlot, or compete in the show ring. You don’t have to compromise looks for functionality, that’s why we provide quality animals that any fellow Charolais breeder or commercial cattleman can add to their program. When you invest in Springside genetics, you can trust that you are getting an animal that has been treated with kindness and respect and was bred with honesty and integrity. We are confident that our genetics are going to elevate your operation and be a welcome addition to your herd. 

Charolais Cattle

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The Canadian climate and landscape can be extreme and diverse. Cattle need to adapt to all kinds of environments. Charolais are a prime example of cattle that excel in all of these conditions, and are a perfect fit for not only the Canadian climate, but climates around the world. Charolais are so structurally sound with a good foot base and sturdy legs that they thrive in all regions of Canada. Furthermore, Canadian markets offer a premium for Charolais-cross calves due to their increased weaning weights, high performance, feed efficiency, lean meat yield, higher meat grades and profit. Beef producers all over the country use Charolais influence in their herds and report durability of their animals, high compatibility with their cow-herds, and exceptionally high performance while maintaining easy calving. 

Canadian Beef Producers

Charolais, Canadian Charolais, Canadian beef, Beef cattle, Cattle, Alberta beef

 The beef industry in Canada contributes $25-billion annually to the national economy. The landscape here provides diverse terrain and conditions with ample water and grazing land for raising hardy beef cattle. With over 68,000 beef producers nationally, Canada is a significant contributor to the global beef market and has become a highly sought after commodity. Known not only for its calibre and quality, the Canadian beef industry has become a symbol of sustainability and has achieved recognition for its good governance and safety practices. Canadian farmers are dedicated to enhancing beef production through genetic improvement and selection systems, and are devoted to putting animal health and welfare at the forefront.